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There are hundreds of people searching for Port Washington real estate and with the right connections, you can find them to sell your house to. This is where I come in. As an experienced and professional realtor, I help clients with homes for sale Port Washington NY to get the best prices for their homes.

I’m familiar with the property rates in Port Washington NY so I will give you a realistic estimate of what to expect from the buyers. The Port Washington real estate market is profitable for people selling since the demand is high. Many homes for sale Port Washington NY are worth over $1,000,000.

Honest and Realistic Promise in homes for sale Port Washington NY

I do not seek to simply raise your expectations with promises that I cannot deliver on. If you have a house for sale in Sands Point NY, I will give you an estimate based on the current market value of homes in that area. In the end, the buyer’s ability to pay the asking price dictates what you will get and not what your real estate broker claims are possible.

I often explain to my clients that the price of a single family house for sale in Port Washington NY may vary from one in Manorhaven NY so expectations should be kept realistic. Nevertheless, I always seek to get the best payment for my clients.


I have a wealth of experience in this industry working for many notable real estate agencies that operate within North Port Washington NY as well as wider Nassau County, NY. With more than a decade in this industry, I have created a wide network that enables me to sell anything including the common 2 family houses for sale in Port Washington NY.

Why Let Me Sell Your House:

  • You will benefit from a large network of agents that I’m connected to
  • I am an aggressive negotiator who will ensure you get the best deal
  • I am a trained and experienced real estate agent
  • Trust and honesty traits are very dear to me in all my business transactions
  • I have a track record that proves my ability.

I am one of the best real estate brokers Port Washington NY. Give me a call and let us discuss in detail what I can do for you. I can also find you a house to live in after you have sold your property.

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