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Welcome to Real Estate by Elida, the experts in Port Washington real estate

Real Estate by Elida is the perfect solution to your buying and selling needs in Port Washington real estate. With decades of experience helping clients sell or buy houses in this area, you are assured that trusting Elida as your agent is a wise choice.

If you are searching for homes for sale Port Washington NY, it makes sense to have an award-winning agent look after your best interest. Over the years I have built a wide network within this industry and this plays a vital part in connecting buyers to sellers and vise versa. In this business, your connections contribute to how fast you can find a buyer. Read More

Buying a House

For a person looking to buy a house, the Port Washington real estate market is full of options to suit different needs. You just have to describe your ideal home and I will find exactly what you want. We can schedule viewing of homes for sale Port Washington NY and I trust you will find exactly what you are searching for.

Real estate by Elida is all about helping people find the property they desire and that suits your need. Even if you do not intend to buy, but would like a single family house for rent in Port Washington NY. Elida will help you find exactly what you want. There are already some great choices you can look at within port Washington.

Selling a House

To get the best price for your house, you need to choose your agent carefully. Look for someone with experience and a track record of successfully selling houses within that area. Elida has worked with different industry leaders in Port Washington NY and has the experience you need to sell your 2 family houses for sale in Port Washington NY or any other property that you would like to find a buyer for.

The right agent will give you a realistic pricing of what you can expect and is not just out to make a huge commission. The pricing I give my clients are based on the market value of similar homes within the same area and experience selling houses in Port Washington. I also coordinate with other real estate brokers Port Washington NY to find buyers willing to pay the best price for your property.

Preparing a House for Sale

To attract the best offers, it is advisable to prepare the property for sale. Ensure that it looks its best and presents a picture of what it would look like as a home for a prospective buyer. It is part of my duty to advise my client on how to prepare the house for sale. Ideas like adding a potted plant inside, giving it a fresh coat of paint and cutting the grass, go a long way towards enticing buyers to make a reasonable offer for the property.

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